Postweld Heat Treatment Furnace

TBM has built a furnace for PWHT of pressure vessels built in accordance with provisions of ASME codes and for other items where stress relieving of welds is required.

Outside dimensions of the furnace are 26' W x 27' H x 120' L.

Postweld Heat Treatment Furnace at Twin Brothers Marine     Postweld Heat Treatment Furnace at Twin Brothers Marine


Postweld Heat Treatment Furnace at Twin Brothers MarineThe furnace was designed and built to treat parts up to 115' in length and 21' wide x 21' height.

Furnace insulation consists of two (2) layers of 2" thick 8# density Mineral Wool Board and two (2) layers of 1" thick 8# density Ceramic Fiber Roll, totalling 6" in thickness.

Parts can be heat treated at a temperature range up to 1700° F with a temperature uniformity of +/- 40°F during the heating cycle. The PWHT processes ramps up and down within customer heating and cooling rate specifications.

Six (6) - Ratio / Fixed Air Furnace Burners (10 Million BTU each) provide for safe, reliable, efficient and clean heating process using either raw propane vapor or natural gas.